US Paperback release of book one — NIGHTMARE ACADEMY: MONSTER HUNTERS

Bunch of cool new things happening. First off, some more art for you from the always brilliant J.P. Targete. This is from Book 3 (MONSTER WAR). I know folks in the US don’t have the book yet, so I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum. I’ll only give you the title… MONSTER PINCH. As always, click a couple times for a bigger version (and check out what he’s holding in his right hand…)

I get asked a lot if the UK version of MONSTER WAR (now available) is the same as the US version. It is — with a few small changes. It has been slightly adapted for a UK audience, so a few of the terms are different. For instance, “mother” is replaced by “mum”. Other than stuff like that, the books are pretty much identical.

The Fifth

Another quick art update. J.P. Targete just delivered his newest NIGHTMARE ACADEMY illustration. This one is of "The Fifth," also known as "Mother" and the "Queen of Nightmares." All four of the Named Lords of the Nether...

Another quick art update. J.P...

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