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Been working on this new site for a while.  While NIGHTMARE ACADEMY is a big part of my life, the first trilogy is finished and lately I’ve been focusing on my movie and TV work.  There’s a lot of exciting news on that front — and I’ll be sharing it soon — but I wanted this destination to reflect more of what I was actually up to now, so here it is.  Hope you like.  If you’re here for NIGHTMARE ACADEMY, you can still get to the site dedicated to that series from the link on the right.  We’ve also included a non-flash version for those folks (like me) who are in love with their iPads/iPhones.

Over time, I plan to add behind-the-scenes sections on the making of various TV shows and movies I’ve worked on.  Several are done:  ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, FRIDAY THE 13th PART 9: JASON GOES TO HELL and MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK.  I’ll be posting those soon, starting in the next few days — so check back!  Others are in the works and I’m going to try to get them up sooner rather than later.  I’m also going to be putting up some blogs on tips and tricks of the trade for screen and television writing.  In the next few weeks, be on the lookout for THE CENTER OF CRAZY and THE WRITER’S ROOM.

One last thing — most of the email I get revolves around one question:  when is book 4 of NIGHTMARE ACADEMY coming out?  Here’s the answer:  I wish I knew.  The first trilogy is finished and I’d love to do a second trilogy (books 4-6).  I know what they’re about and they were always planned as part of the series, but I need to have a publisher for them first.  I’m toying around with the idea of publishing them myself as ebooks, but we’ll have to see.

Hope you enjoy the new site — there’s a lot of cool content to come!

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  • Rin

    Oh. Well, I’ll be waiting for book 4 ! Please don’t be late publishing it :)

    March 13, 2014 at 10:30 am Reply
  • Anthony

    Hello, my names Anthony and the fourth book would be really cool i cant wait till its out and to get a good publisher i think you should find one thats read tour books before and ask them to publish all your books? -Anthony I love nightmare academy
    P.S You should make a Nightmare academy tv show or movie :) it’ll
    look really cool gotta love Xix!!!! U should get him a girl friend thats a teacher too? And if you know what mine craft is i imagines a gremlin like a slime , Search mine craft slime if not.

    April 11, 2014 at 11:43 am Reply
  • David Brown

    My 10 year old austic son cannot wait for Book 4. We recently discovered the series and have literally gone through them in a matter of weeks. Here’s hoping you are able to get the next ones out :)

    Thank you for the wonderful stories!

    July 26, 2014 at 6:02 am Reply
  • Bertrand Wee

    Hey there! It was around 4 years ago when I first picked up your first book “Nightmare Academy Chariles Monsters” . Just this morning as I was cleaning out the shelves I spotted the trilogy just sitting there in a corner. I took them out and spent the last 9 hours reading through everything again. Boy I have to say that they are brilliant. To be frank, I love your work and I’ll be delighted if you would do us the honor of reliving in the world of monster academy that you have so wonderfully brought to life. Publisher or Not, I would most certainly purchase the sequel if you decide to turn the gears of imagination once again :)

    Cheers From Singapore!

    August 10, 2014 at 1:57 am Reply
  • jake

    I loved your story’s they are the best.I have ever read .Your my favourite author i cant tell how many times a got in trouble reading your books in class I cant wait for Nightmare Academy 4 and i would love to see a movie and best of luck to you. thank you.

    October 23, 2014 at 3:44 pm Reply

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